Do you like munching snacks often? To satiate our cravings we often get an urge to grab snacks, sometimes in the evening, sometimes at night.

A healthy midday munch can always keep you focused and energized.

Now you’d be thinking is it possible to munch and maintain health? You’d be in cloud nine when I say yes! It’s possible!

Nowadays healthy snacking is slowly being a major part of our daily lives, we can never resist snacks in our tea time…so why not go for healthy snacks which carry nutrients in the form of proteins and fiber.

Let me tell you a major healthy ingredient for our daily diet, don’t worry! This time you’ll have the cake and eat it too ;)


With its English name ‘Sorghum’, jowar is amongst the top 5 healthy grains in the world. Being rich in dietary fiber, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorus, jowar not only helps in digestion but also manages obesity, cholesterol, blood sugar level and curbs the risk of high blood pressure. Jowar also helps in weight management, is gluten free and is also keto if you’re on a keto diet and you’re drooling for some tasty snacks, go for jowar based snacks!

Being considered to be the healthy substitute of wheat grain, this nutritious and energy booster millet can be consumed in several ways:

  1. It can be consumed as a whole cereal or can be grounded into flour
  2. Jowar roti - One jowar roti contains approx 49 calories, 1.5 g of protein, 1.4 g of fibre and it gets absorbed very slowly in the gut keeping you full and curbing unwanted craving.
  3. Jowar kichdi - Replace sago kichdi with whole jowar grain kichdi. Add your favorite vegetables and enjoy this wholesome food guilt free. Packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, your body will thank you for this delicious treat.
  4. Jowar uttapam - We prefer Indian pancakes isn’t it? These uttapams made of Jowar, curd, veggies and spices are great for a healthy breakfast and if you’re late for office don’t panic, it’s quick and easy.
  5. Jowar puffs - Who doesn’t like some crunchy, tasty masaledar healthy puffs that tick all the right boxes!
  • Your tea time snack ☑
  • Workload in office! Sorted!☑
  • Late for a meeting? it’s handy!
  • Time for weight check? C’mon it’s diet friendly!

Cravings? Grab your tasty and roasted Heka Bites Jowar Puffs .

With various benefits and antioxidants jowar is as right as rain for your daily routine. Now add jowar to your staple diet and fix yourself a filling and nutritious meal every single time!